Thursday, 19 November 2015

7 things to consider when designing your website

Web development and design plays a vital part in the advancement of your business. In order to get the consideration of your target clients, it is essential to have a flawless and remarkable web presence.

If you have a less engaging website, it will without a doubt have a negative effect on your brand identity.
Recognize Your Audience
Before we start with designing, it is important to know who you are endeavoring to reach. Knowing your intended interest group will help you present your content in a suitable way to intrigue that group of audience. 

In order to determine your target audience, the important factors to be considered are age, group, geographic area, gender and so on. 

Once you get a reasonable idea on that, it is all about figuring out a out a shared characteristic between the wide variety of people in your audience.
Presentation of the website is one of the basic aspects that the developer must look into. Simple reason- Visual appeal is fundamentally essential for your brand’s image.

As far as the design is concerned there are wide range of possibilities. Consistently, we see new styles being developed every year. In any case, everything comes down to a decent design that should make trust with the visitors.
The navigation menu is a place on every page where connections to different pages on your site are shown. 

When you are trying to draw in guests to your site, it also important to keep them engaged. There is no point of having an impressive website if your viewers are not able to utilize it to discover the greater part of the essential information they are looking for.
Logo Design
A logo is a critical part of your business branding. Your logo sets up the identity of your company. A decent logo should have a text part that should be clear and understandable.

Customarily the logo is set on the upper left of the composition.

Content plays the most critical part to rank a website. As Google gets more advanced, quality turns out to be more imperative. 

Essentially a good content is all about quantity and quality. Google decides a score for every web page crawled by it. This score is assessed by Google’s algorithms. At the same time originality of the website’s content should not be traded off by superfluously stuffing keywords.
Okay, let us forget about ranking and other technical jargons a moment. In simple words- Content is what will draw your viewers and keep them engaged. So contribute a great deal of time to make amazing content for the best results.
Quantity, then again, implies that your website should to be upgraded consistently. The more updates you do, the higher your site will ascend in google rankings.
Mobile site- Responsive web design
What is Responsive web design?
In layman’s language the concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD) can be explained as an approach that will allow your website to adjust to the measure of screen it is being seen on.
Somebody opening your website on a 3 inch screen size smartphone will be demonstrated the same website as the individual opening it on their laptop or desktop computer.
So it is understood that having a mobile website is imperative. Here is a lesser known truth- Mobile friendly websites will soon be winning more consideration from Google. Responsive web design upgrades the customer experience, and in addition manages SEO. This is simply because of the fact that the sites which have utilized this methodology will have one URL and the same HTML which makes it more effective for Google to crawl, index, and sort out the content.
On the off chance that your site is not optimized for mobile devices, it can gradually push away your potential clients.

Use of Google Analytics.
Seeing how clients utilize your site is a major stride for enhancing future online marketing strategies. Fortunately Google Analytics can fill this need in all sense.
Google Analytics can give all details related to your site’s marketing endeavors and optimization. It will help you to figure out precisely how your site is performing. Analytics can help you keep a track of the number of new guests and how they carry on once they are on your site and why they leave. Importantly this service is free of cost.


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